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A wet handshake, wet and smelly feet or damp patches under the armpits – these are the problems commonly associated with the medical condition called Hyperhidrosis.  For people suffering from excessive sweating, life can become intolerable.  Inferiority complexes, fear of contact, social isolation and difficulties in carrying out everyday tasks are only some of the problems faced by those affected. About 3% of the world’s population suffers from Hyperhidrosis.

One popular and growing solution to treat Hyperhidrosis successfully is the Iontophoresis therapy. Using Iontophoresis therapy, Hyperhidrosis can be treated successfully in most cases.  This method of treatment does not require the use of drugs or getting surgery and most important, iontophoresis treatment has very few potential side effects.

Most important Features of our products: The hands can be taken out of the tubs during the iontophoresis therapy without the typical "electric fence effect" (electric shock).  The products operate through mains supply electricity - you have no need to purchase expensive batteries!

In the early stages of treatment, the affected parts of the body should be treated once a day for about 10-15 minutes.  Normally, 5-20 CONSECUTIVE days of treatment sessions are sufficient to reduce the moisture content of the skin to a normal level.  After this initial treatment, the frequency of the sessions can usually be reduced to once or twice a week.

Our iontophoresis units are available with a DC (direct current) or with a PC (pulsed current) power supply.  We would recommend the PC Versions for every customer because you can withstand much higher current levels with these iontophoresis machines.  A higher current leads to fewer maintenance treatment sessions. The pulsed current devices result in much lower current feeling than other products. They also cause much less skin irritations, less itchy feelings directly after the treatments, but more sweat reduction (often, a complete cessation of sweating).  Select the best iontophoresis unit to fit your personal needs and goals!

Keep in mind: the Pulsed Current unit is a must for patients with sensitive skin and for children.  The pulsed current design allows a more effective treatment – especially when having to treat excessive sweating of the underarms.  This is because higher current/voltage settings can be used without the level of irritation increasing.

NO RISK!!  All our Iontophoresis machines come with an 8-week trial period with money-back guarantee if they do not work!
We offer a full 8 week guarantee.  If you are not satisfied with the device during this time, you may return it and get a full refund!  (This warranty does not cover the armpit electrode pads).

There are many limitations with existing often unreliable products on the market. The HIDREX and Idromed iontophoresis systems are of the highest medical quality, with added electronic safety features built into the device.  Both products are made by reputable companies in Germany.

Buy from a worldwide iontophoresis specialist. 
Our machines come with premium features as well as a very experienced after-purchase iontophoresis support  and extended warranties included in case of malfunction!

Sweating treatment hands - Hyperhidrosis

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Idromed 5 Iontophoresis Device

Idromed 5 DC

Direct Current
Iontophoresis Set
against hyperhidrosis
- This set contains everything you need for the treatment of hands or feet
- Nevertheless we recommend this device for the treatment of sweaty feet only, since the direct current might be too harsh on the hands
- Ideal device for home use
- Not suitable for the treatment of the underarms

SUITABLE FOR: feet***, hands**, armpits*
529.- EUR*

Treat hand sweat and foot Excessive hand sweating

Idromed 5 PC

Pulsed Current
Iontophoresis Set
against heavy sweating
- This set also contains everything you need for the treatment of hands or feet
- Together with the armpit pads, it can be used for the treatment of sweaty underarms 
- Hands and feet can be treated simultaneously
- Very easy to use, no need of a second person
- Ideal device for home use

SUITABLE FOR: feet***, hands***, armpits***
675.- EUR*

Need help deciding which iontophoresis machine to choose?
Click to read about the differences of lontophoresis machines with pulsed and direct current

Get help for excessive perspiration

Hidrex GS400

Direct Current 
Iontophoresis Set
Fights excessive sweating
- This set contains everything you need for the treatment of hands or feet
- This device we also only recommend for the treatment of sweaty feet. the direct current could be painful on the hands
- Ideal device for home use
- Not suitable for the treatment of the underarms

SUITABLE FOR: feet***, hands**, armpits*
499.- EUR*

Fight against excessive hand sweating

<<< NEW! >>>

Hidrex PSP1000

The newest iontophoresis
machine on the market!
Iontophoresis Unit with
switchable currents
- The Hidrex PSP1000 set contains everything for the treatment of hands and feet 
- Together with the armpit pads, it can be used for the treatment of sweaty underarms 
- Hands and feet can be treated simultaneously
- Very easy to use, no need of a second person
- Ideal device for home and clinic use

SUITABLE FOR: feet***, hands***, armpits***
669.- EUR*

SUITABLE FOR:  *** = very suitable  /  ** = suitable, but not recommended  /  * = not suitable and not recommended

Armpit sweat: treatment supplement

Armpit pads

For underarm treatment
Accessory to treat excessive sweating of the armpits
Must be used in conjunction with the Idromed 5 PS or the Hidrex PSP1000
55.- EUR*

Current Care Lotion  - keep your skin moist for iontophoresis

Iontophoresis Aftercare

Current Care Lotion

Specially designed lotion to be applied after iontophoresis treatment sessions.
Very smooth, nourishing and odourless.
20.- EUR*

Idromed 5PC and Hidrex PSP100 iontophoresis units cause little (if any) pain or irritation. This is why we always recommend to take a pulsed current unit, even for feet treatment. 
The pulsed current machines are much better for everyone who can afford the slightly higher price  and are a must for sensitive patients like children or for underarm and hand sweat treatment. 

All our prices include worldwide shipping and VAT for EU-countries. Further customer information, like terms and conditions can be found on our store website.   1 EUR is approx 1.3 USD or 0.7 GBP.


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The advantages at a glance:

  • No "electric fence effect" (electric shock).

  • No batteries - mains plugged!

  • No drugs need to be used.

  • Therapy can be performed on both hands and feet at one time!

  • 4 years warranty for Idromed PC device, all others we offer a full 2 years warranty!

  • Very few potential side effects!

  • Excellent for both professional medical practice and home therapy!

  • Easy to use!

  • Worldwide express shipping is included in the price!

  • Quick and very good therapy results!

  • An 8 week trial and money back guarantee for all our Idromed 5 units (this does not cover the arm pit electrode pads)!

  • The Idromed 5 is one of the highest quality medical Iontophoresis machines on the market.

  • Electronic safety features built into the device.

Iontophoresis contraindications:

In case of the following contra-indications the iontophoresis therapy shall not be used or shall only be used after consulting your doctor:

  • cardiac arrhythmia

  • electronically controlled implanted devices (f. ex. pacemaker)

  • metallic implanted devices in the area where the current flows

  • metallic intrauterine implanted devices (loop)

  • pregnancy

  • bigger skin deseases

Are you looking for an Iontophoresis device?

Iontophoresis is used to treat the condition excessive sweating, commonly known as Hyperhidrosis or HH. Hyperhidrosis is simply a sweating "over" the normal sweat level, the intensity of this excessive sweating reaches from a scale of "as good as none" to very bad dripping sweat from different kind of the body, mostly affected are: sweaty hands & sweaty feet and sweaty armpits, in some cases the face (facial sweat) or sweating at the back and neck.

Have you heard of the Idromed 5 Iontophoresis devices? Do you want to find out more about the Idromed 5 devices? The Idromed 5 device was created by Dr. Hoenle, a big German medical tech firm with 30 years of experience in the development of medical devices such as the Iontophoresis units. The Idromed 5 devices powered with a Pulsed current or Direct current. The recently developed Pulsed current technology is of the first Pulsed current Iontophoresis device in the market that really works for people with Hyperhidrosis. Dr. Honele's devices was recommended by dermatologists to effectively treat Hyperhidrosis. The Idromed 5 devices also do not have the "electric fence" effect anymore as oppose to other iontophoresis devices on the market, which still have the "electric fence" effect when utilizing the device.

Hidrex machines are very popular iontophoresis machiens in germany. Hidrex is highly reliable for the treatment of sweat. Hidrex also made some studies with their machines to show the effectivity, and these studies are commonly well known and taken from other manufactorers too to show how effective the sweat treatment can be when doing it right! We are sole distributor for Hidrex and assigned to market their iontophoresis products. Hidrex has a large scale for applicators such as iontophoresis face masks, neck and back applicators, you find them in the Add-Ons section of your internet shop.

Excessive sweating canīt be cured, but it can be treated with iontophoresis.

No more sweating and you might feel like newborn!

iontophoresis pads underarmHelp! Feet / foot / plants sweatingiontophoresis device for the hands in actionExcessive sweating canīt be cured, but it can be treated with iontophoresis.

For iontophoresis machine choosage you can more read about the differences of (click next) lontophoresis machines There are immense differences between pulsating and direct current. In short Pulsed iontophoresis current can lead you to much higher treatment currents with less side effects and through this shorter treatment times.

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Iontophoresis device – Treatment option of excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis)

An Iontophoresis device against hyperhidrosis: A standard therapy against excessive sweating that can stop the sweat. Sweating feet and hands, palms and soles plants could be treated successfully with iontophoresis.

Excessive sweating and  canīt be cured, but it can be treated with iontophoresis.

Hyperhidrosis - Learn more about iontophoresis as a treatment for excessive sweating.